IBM Power 520 Express
IBM iSeries 515 Express Edition
The Power™ 520 Express server with 1. 2. or 4 - 4-4.2 GHz POWER6™ processors offers outstanding business value for many small and mid-sized companies as an affordable UNIX and Linuz distrubited application, small database server, or as a complete integrated business system utilizing the IBM i operating system.

Processor cores 1, 2, or 4-core POWER6 with AltiVec™ SIMD and Hardware Decimal Floating-Point acceleration
Clock rates (Min/Max) 4.2 GHz
System memory (Std/Max) 1 GB / 64 GB
Internal Storage (Std/Max)

73.4 GB / 30.6 TB (with optional I/O drawers)


IBM Power 550 Express
(deskside/rack-mount)IBM iSeries 520 Express Edition
The IBM Power 550 Express platform is an up to 8-core server with 3.5 or 4.2 GHz POWER6 processor cores and is designed to deliver outstanding business calue to medium-sized businesses with the leadership performance, choice of operating systems, and proven virtualization capabilities of PowerVM™. Whether you need a high performing system for application or database serving, a reliable and efficient server consolidation platform, or a scalable complete business system with integrated database and application server, the Power 550 Express server can fulfill your requirements by chosing the AIX, IBM i or Linux operating systems.
Processor cores 2-, 4-, 6-, or 8-core POWER6 with AltiVec™ SIMD and Hardware Decimal Floating-Point acceleration
Clock rates (Min/Max) 3.5 / 4.2 GHz
System memory (Std/Max) 1 GB / 256 GB
Internal Storage (Std/Max) 73.4 GB / 30.6 TB (with optional I/O drawers)

IBM Power 570
BladeCenter JS22 Express

Easily scale from 2- to 16-cores with the IBM Power 570. Unique IBM modular SMP architecture lets you add more powerful POWER6, 3.5, 4.2, or 4.7 GHz processing capability exactly when needed. Innovative RAS features and leadership virtualization capabilities make the 570 well suited as a mid-range application or database server, or for server consolidation. And the flexibility to use the leading-edge AIX, IBM i and Linux operating systems broadens the application offerings available and increases the ways clients can manage growth, complexity and risk.

Processor cores 2, 4, 8, 12 POWER6
Clock rates (Min/Max) 3.5 GHz/ 4.7 GHz
System memory (Std/Max) 2 GB / 768 GB
Internal Storage (Std/Max) 73.4 GB / 79.2 TB (with optional I/O drawers)

IBM Power 575 supercomputing node
IBM iSeries 520 Express Edition
IBM Power 575 supercomputing nodes are 32-core high-powered building clocks for high performance computing (HPC) applications-featuring ultra-dense packaging and water cooling technology for the latest in green engineering.

Processor cores 32 IBM POWER6
Clock rates (Min/Max) 4.7 GHz
System memory (Std/Max) 32 GB / 256 GB
Internal Storage (Std/Max) 73.4 GB / 293.6 TB per node

IBM Power 595
IBM System i 520
The IBM Power 595 server uses 64-bit POWER6 dual-core processor technology in 8- to 64-core configurations with PowerVM™ virtualization and offers leading performance, flexibility, scalability, manageability and security features needed for the consolidation of mission-critical AIX, IBM i, and Linux applications on a single system to save on hardware, software, energy and space costs.

Processor cores 8 to 64 IBM POWER6
Clock rates (Min/Max) 4.2 GHz / 5.0 GHz
System memory (Std/Max) 16 GB / 4 TB
I/O drawers - 24" (Std/Max) 1 - 30


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