Our Services  
Logical Design, Inc. is a full service integrator and reseller of IBM® products, specializing in the IBM iSeries.  We offer a host of services including...

  • Performance Analysis - Detailed system and application analysis, capacity planning, system tuning, ongoing system monitoring, skills transfer.  Start today and download Performance Navigator
  • System Planning and Installation - Capacity/sizing. verify configuration, detailed installation plans, turnkey installation, technical support.
  • OS/400 Software Upgrade - SW upgrade planning, verify prerequisites, application considerations, turnkey installation.
  • CISC to RISC Migration - Detailed planning assistance, Upgrade Assistant installation and execution, application analysis, recommendation on upgrade method, turnkey migration.
  • System Management and Consulting - Backup/recovery, performance management, capacity management, operations analysis, availability management.
  • Network Design and Implementation - WAN/LAN design, frame relay, TCP/IP, SNA, Novell, NT, Routers, Hubs, ect...implementation, consulting, analysis.
  • Internet Connectivity - Consulting, TCP/IP planning, security/firewall planning and installation, ISP recommendations/assistance, integration with core business applications.
  • Project Management - Systems integration, detailed project planning and analysis, cost/budget analysis, scheduling, project reviews.
  • Ongoing Technical Support - Skilled Systems Engineering support available on as-needed basis or at regular intervals.
  • Education/Training -
  • Disaster Recovery
  • RPAS - Representative Payee Agency System





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