Analyze your AS/400 or iSeries performance and capacity for FREE! Performance Navigator is robust and provides easy to read charts and graphs - four sample graphs detailing system performace are along the right.

Use this FREE Performance Navigator program to analyze your current system performance.  This easy to use program provides detailed performance data on CPU, disk and memory utilizations to ascertain your system's performance requirments.

Logical Design, Inc. will work with you to improve the performance of your current system and applications.  Let us know if you would like any help loading this tool and reading the results.

Access you iSeries' data right from your PC!  Performance Navigator allows for capacity planning, performance management and problem determiniation.  Performance Navigator is a product from Midrange Performance Group - the leader in performance analysis of iSeries and AS/400 systems.

CPU Interactive Performance

CPU Utilization Over 3 Months

Disk Arm Utilization

Memory Faults



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